About Us

Allan Cabatic, the owner and head instructor of Firs+ Aid Pro, is also a full-time professional Fire Fighter and First Responder Instructor. He’s been passionate about first aid since studying human kinetics in University.


Allan brings several years of first aid experience. He has over 10 years experience within the Fire Department and is currently one of the first aid instructors of his respected shift. Prior to the fire service, Allan worked as a Primary Care Paramedic for BC Ambulance. His passion for first aid, along with his years of experience brings the first aid class alive.  Allan believes that having fun provides a better platform in utilizing effective first aid in and out of the classroom. He employs interactive exercises in the classroom so you remember the necessary steps and skills when they matter most.  

Our courses are tailored to your needs with flexible course times, up-to-date and relevant information, combined with real life-saving skills that will provide you with the necessary tools to approach any medical emergency with confidence. Throughout my career as a qualified instructor, I’ve gained an understanding of how to work with people of all skill levels and learning styles. My personalized lessons, along with my passion for teaching others, has proven successful with a wide variety of clients. Interested in how I can help you? Don’t hesitate to reach out.