First Aid Pro’s COVID-19 Safety Plan

We have produced this plan to do our absolute best to keep our community, students and instructors safe while providing training during this pandemic. Our focus is on helping to keep our community, students and staff safe.

We now offer certifiable online courses (Stay Safe! for Youths, Babysitting courses) via Zoom.

Another new program available is the Blended Emergency First Aid. The Blended version was developed by Red Cross to ensure students are able to effectively cover all course content while minimizing class time and potential exposure. It consists of an online component (takes approximately 1-3 hours to complete) and will cut down the in-class time to only 4 hours (previously, 7 hours in length). As per The Canadian Red Cross, our Blended Emergency First Aid course is now accepted by Worksafe BC as equivalent to OFA Level 1.  Standard First Aid (Blended): Consists of an online component (takes approximately 2-4 hours to complete) and will cut down the in-class time to only 7 hours (previously, Two days in class, both 7 hours in length).

If you have travelled outside of Canada or have come in contact with someone that has within 14 days, are feeling unwell, please do not enter one of our classes.


If you do enter one of our courses, please follow these hygiene protocols for your safety and ours:


  • Wash hands with soap and water before and after entering.
  • Please bring a face covering to wear for the duration of the course. 
  • Don’t have a face covering? We got you covered!  
  • Medical gloves will be handed out and must be worn when working on the CPR mannequins, AED trainers and any other piece of first aid equipment.
  • Hand sanitizer is available to use throughout our courses.
  • If you cough or sneeze, use a tissue or into your bended elbow and wash or sanitize your hands immediately afterwards.
  • No shaking of hands, hugging, or touching.
  • Social distancing measures will be set up prior to the students entering the classroom and must be maintained during the course. 


Thank you for doing your part in keeping our community safe!

– First Aid Pro Team